RHYNO Tinned HD Wire Ferrules (8-Gauge)

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Rhyno Audio Works 8-Gauge Heavy Duty Tinned Ferrules

RHYNO AUDIO WORKS Wire Ferrules help prevent stranded wire from fraying when connecting to terminal blocks, or Amplifier Inputs. Ferrules provide strain relief to the wire, are resistant to abrasion. Ferrules greatly reduce the contact resistance between the wire and connector, and even help cut down on the oxidation in the strands due to the lack of air space between them. Nylon Extensions provides easily identifiable color coding.

For a Perfect Moisture Free Installation , we recommend using our Heatshrink over top of your selected size Ferrules and Wire Jacket

  • Terminate stranded wire for safe reliable connections
  • Provides superior termination performance
  • For use with 8-Gauge Power and Speaker Cable
  • Available in Multiple Quantities