Diamond MO75T (Shallow Mount Horn)

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The all new Diamond MO75T shallow mount horns have a design that is like no other. The unique phase plug (point in the center), horn flare, and diaphragm have all been optimized to produce a sound quality that is far superior to other horns on the market. These horns give you extreme volume levels and wonderful sound without being harsh and hissy like other horns. 

These horns are very shallow and the screw in from the front side. This opens up many mounting options where other horns just won't fit. 

With an outside diameter of 2.28" this horn can be mounted directly in front of a 6.5" mid woofer and not color the sound below 3khz. That way you end up with a coax type speaker arrangement but you get ultra high output of a pro audio speaker arrangement.   

  • Diameter 2.28"
  • Cut Out Depth 1.61"
  • Over All Depth 2"
  • Mounting Depth 1.12"
  • Sensitivity 106 dB
  • Freq Response 2k-20k
  • Impedance 4Ω
  • Power Handling 50W RMS/ 100W Max

(Sold In Pairs)