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The all new Diamond Audio MP694 6x9 speakers take loud to a whole new level. These speakers use a pro audio design that gives you insane levels of output for every watt of signal you feed them. These are a great way to achieve crystal clear concert quality music that you can easily hear at top speeds. 


When Diamond Audio was still in the design phase of these speakers we worked with them to make sure that the new MP series speakers would perform in actual Harley saddlebags and at speed. There are a number of technical characteristics that a speaker (woofer in particular) needs so that it thrives when using a saddlebag as a speaker enclosure. This is why regular car and boat audio type speakers suck in bikes. They are not designed for a saddlebag. So we changed that. After years of testing and refinement we at American Hard Bag have Harley speaker design down to an exact science.  

  • 150 Watts RMS/300 Watts Peak
  • Horn Loaded Compression Tweeter
  • Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Basket
  • 101db Sensitivity!
  • Frequency Range 80hz - 18Khz
  • 12db Crossover
  • Can be Bi-Amped (Horn Tweeters can be run on their own dedicated channels)
  • High Temp Neodymium Magnet

(Sold in Pairs)